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XT Micro


  • Fresh air door control with 1/10 degree control
  • 0-20ma Refrigeration control
  • 0-20ma Fan VFD speed control
  • On-board real time clock calendar
  • 8 solid state outputs
  • 5 relay outputs
  • Dual Opto-isolated RS-485 communication ports
  • Flexible heat mode and Setpoint ramping
  • Back lit 2 x 16 local display
  • Outside and Plenum Humidity sensors
  • CO2 sensor
  • Central distribution time, outside temp and humidity to multiple panels


  • Single color TPC touch screen interface for up to (10) XT-Micro panels
  • TPC touch screen gateway to internet for remote control and polling of data
  • Full internet web interface for (10) XT-Micros using (1) RGX embedded web server
  • RGX provides detailed records for up to (10) XT-Micros, using web interface.  Direct download into Excel Spreadsheet.
  • RGX provides e-mail and text messaging  for up to (10) XT-Micros
  • SDX multiple fresh air doors controller
  • VPN web site, look at any number of XT-Micro’s on one page
  • VPN records without RGX web interface using TPC touch screen