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The new XT Series Control Panel from BTU Ventilation is built from the ground up for the 21st century farm manager. Simplicity of operation, combined with sophisticated on board data analysis and internet communications make this a control panel of the future.


  • 12 temperature sensors
  • 3 humidity sensors
  • 1 CO2 sensor
  • Fresh Air Door Pulse or Directional Control
  • Central Distributed Time, Outside Air Temp and humidity to multiple panel complex
  • Ethernet Panel to Panel networking
  • Pulse Humidity Control
  • Infinite CO2 Control in refrigeration and cooling mode
  • Refrigeration capacity control
  • Fan Frequency Drive on board controller
  • Individual Frequency setting for each mode
  • Automatic Pile temperature differential control
  • All outputs are plug in solid state modules.  Noise isolation
  • All 4-20ma outputs optically isolated
  • All RS-485 communications optically isolated
  • Building Cavity Control on board
  • Manual - Off - Auto switches for all outputs
  • View multiple fan houses using same graphical user interface
  • Select from a number of different user interface options
  • Flexible Heat mode, with pulsed output
  • Setpoint Ramping


  • On-board imbedded web server, works with dial up phone line, DSL or direct Ethernet connection
  • No special PC programs for remote monitoring and control
  • Use any web browser on your PC, Laptop, PDA and cell phone, to monitor and control your storage
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for security access
  • Alarms or Daily updates via e-mail or text messaging even with a dial up phone line
  • File Allocation Table (FAT) file system. All data downloaded direct into spread sheet or data base
  • Integrate all refrigeration information and controls into same data base and user interface
  • Integrate smart door controls, identify individual door controls and accurate door position
  • Designed for multiple fan house applications. Use one user interface for additional fan houses
  • Monitor building electrical kw demand, kwh, voltage and current. All information integrated into same data base and user interface
  • Single Board Design, multi layer for noise rejection