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RPX Rack and Pinion Control

BTU has developed a new type rack and pinion door control. The new rack and pinion control is the first in the industry to address the need for variable speed control. As the demand for tighter and tighter controls increase, the solution requires variable speed control of the individual doors. The door speed can vary depending on the ambient temperature. The doors need to run slower in cold weather and faster in warm weather.

Some of the major issues with the old linear actuator control are the relays that drive the actuators and the dc brushes in the motors. The DC motors have a huge inrush of current during start up and slowly destroy the relay contacts. With the new rack and pinion control, there are no relays. The motor control is all solid state.

The RPX card provides the interface for the limit switches and door position feedback using an encoder. Up to three different stages can be set up to control up to six doors.