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The RGX card was developed to act as a communications gateway, providing a web interface for most types of controllers. The RGX can poll up to 10 devices on two different isolated RS-485 communication ports. The communication protocol can be RTU Modbus or BCS with the adjustable baud rates. The RGX uses a spread sheet to define each of the data points, records, alarms and formats of the web interface. The RGX has an embedded web server that will display all data and allow changes on a web page with three levels of security. The embedded web server will also send text messages for alarms and updates. The network connection also allows a variety of remote software and data collection to poll the devices.

The RGX uses a 64MB picture card for nonvolatile memory and has the ability to store a large number of records for each of the devices.

RGX Specifications:

  • Power Supply- 24VAC or regulated 24VDC, 1 amp
  • 2 Dry contacts NO, NC relay outputs
  • 1 RS-232 / RS-485 Modbus Slave port
  • 1 Opto-isolated RS-485 polling port
  • 1 Opto-isolated RS-485 Master port
  • 1 RS-232 Modbus Slave port
  • 1 Network port
  • Real-Time Clock Calendar