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  • BTU is the only system in the industry that polls all refrigeration data from HMI or remote access.  BTU also provides a data tunnel for technical assistance thru the panel.  Standard features include full records for refrigeration operation.

  • BTU systems include auto unloading for high amp, high pressure, low suction and high temperature.  If any of these conditions occur the system will automatically start to unload to correct the issue.
    • Example: High-ambient conditions, if pressures or temperatures get too high the system will unload just enough to control the parameters until the ambient temperature drops.
    • BTU uses the latest electronic expansion valve control and communications.  BTU is the only company that has a custom electronic expansion valve controller.  This allows the evaporator to run at maximum efficiency.  The valves are run at the maximum opening to provide the most cooling and at the same time not have any liquid coming back to the compressor.

    • All relays outputs have led indicators on them to provide for very easy trouble shooting.  All terminal blocks and wires are numbered to correspond to the electrical prints.
  • On a two compressor system staging is coordinated between the two compressors.  Each compressor will run lead or lag to allow for equal run time.  As the refrigeration demand goes above what one compressor can handle the second compressor turns on.  In all other systems this would add a big increase in cooling and possible cycle the second compressor on and off.  The BTU system will back the lead compressor down from 100% down to 50%.  The lag compressor starts at 50%.  This provides a smooth transition.  If the cooling demand continues to rise then both compressors will ramp up together.  As the cooling demand comes down and the lag compressor shuts off, the lead compressor will ramp back up to 100% for a totally smooth transition.

  • Both the lead and lag compressors are constantly communicating.  If there is a problem with either system, the other will instantly respond and take control.