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Regular timely inspections of your system minimizes or possibly eliminates the chance of problems that can create costly down times.  This program assures that your system will continue operating as it was designed for many years. ACT BTU service technicians will inspect and adjust several important aspects of your system:
  • Sensor calibration
  • Operating amperage of electric motors
  • Correct operation of Fresh Air doors
  • Proper settings of your storage controls
  • Updated required technical information
  • Related equipment checks for proper operation

BTU Maintenance
Schedule a maintenance check today and control your operating costs season after season. Inspections can be scheduled anytime, but should be conducted annually to assure overall proper operation.

Schedule a Maintenance check

Benefits of An Annual Maintenance and Service Plan: 

  • Your system remains in ideal operating condition
  • Your managing technical condition for electrical/mechanical components reduces overall costs 
  • Your software is current with the latest updates
  • Your insurance provider may have premium reduction available based on quality and safety practices